Funny-Picture-Santa-With-his-Facebook-Cartoon-Okay we made it to 6000 likes on our Facebook page! As promised, Kent and I have a special 15% discount to all our online customers Until October 1st, 2013. Just put in the following coupon code when you checkout! 6000FACEBOOK

Thanks to all of our facebook friends! You are all part of the revolution... bringing awareness to subjects, ideas and movements that are not on mainstream TV. Helping to educate others about information that the medical "industry" isn't taught. A counter culture of wellness moving forward in this toxic world battling against corporate America's greed, making profits off our sickness. Using brainwashing tactics to convince us that aspartame is safe, genetically modifying our food is necessary to feed the nation, and torturing animals is okay so that we can get our protein. A world where we are feeding pink slime injected beef to our children in schools because according to the FDA as long as there is 15% meat in the mixture it is safe and we can call it "meat". A world where ADHD and Autism is now showing up in 1 out of 50 children.

On a lighter note, I believe in the power of the people to rise above. Every day that passes more people are becoming aware of these issues. Slowly but surely the masses are starting to become enlightened and realize that they don't have to radiate or poison their bodies to get rid of their cancer, that they don't have to inject themselves with insulin every day to keep their diabetes in check, and they don't have to go through life obese anymore. There are other options that are working!

Having been in this industry almost three years, I can say that I have met people directly who have cured their cancer, gotten rid of their diabetes and heart disease, cured their psoriasis and acne, and got pregnant after trying for 8 years. This is just in my little circle, imagine the possibilities for our nation as a whole.

Here is to the next 6000 followers and many years of health and wellness to everybody who is reading this!

Lots of love from Lee & Kent xo


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