A few months ago we added this amazing product to our line. Kent and I tried it out first of course, and really loved the effect it had on us. We were so excited about the ingredients and decided to bring it in for our customers.

Not only is this product so great, but the vision and passion of the owner and company is right up our alley.

At the beginning of the month, some thieves broke into our warehouse, completely tore apart our office and store and stole some products from us. Two cases of Ancient Wisdom were taken from unmarked boxes located in a hard to find spot. Apparently, we are not the only ones excited about this product! Who would have thought that an underground black market is now going on for this kind of health food product. When owner Marcus found out, he shipped two cases right away and added in some complimentary jars as a sweet gesture for our recent troubles. Just goes to show you what kind of great energy is behind this wonderful product. We decided to share these extra bottles with a few people who we knew would appreciate them.

Jill Richards has many things going on in her life, she is a talented musician, vegan, health enthusiast, herb and tea lover, sometimes she helps us at our festival tables, and most recently Jill will be developing some great recipes for us to share with you. I knew that Jill would love to try this out so we sent her a jar.

Below Jill's video, where she shares her thoughts on the product. Please have a watch and don't forget to like her YouTube Channel so you can get updates when she posts new videos. Living with PositiviTea is a great channel, and I really enjoy watching her videos. They always make me want to grab a cuppa tea, sit back relax and just chill out and listen to what she has to say today.

You can learn more about Ancient Wisdom and purchase some from our website here!

Sending lots of love and positive vibes to all our blog readers!

Lee xo

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