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If there is one thing I have learned in the past few years of my life, it is that healing yourself requires work. It is so much more than about taking a pill your doc may prescribe to you. It is about discovering what is wrong with you, learning about it and doing whatever it takes to fix it from the inside. While most people will agree that there needs to be a mixture of exercising and changing your diet, the one thing that seems to get left out of the picture is the importance of healing yourself energetically. Most of us figure that because we can't see it, it doesn't exist... If that was the case, what about electricity? What about static cling, I mean you can't see that but it is there every time the sock sticks to the sweater when you take your clothes out of the dryer.

throat-chakra-vishuddha-dirk-czarnotaI have to admit, I have had some interesting experiences with energy in my life. It started back when I was living in Vancouver in my late 20's and had my first Reiki experience. I was suffering from anxiety with the most serious symptom a feeling of being strangled. Nothing was helping me, including hours of yoga, meditation, time off work and school and other things that I tried along the way. Not even a bottle of red wine was working anymore! (side note, if I drank a bottle of red wine today I think I would pass out!) I was so desperate that I booked my first reiki session. Didn't tell him what was bothering me, went in there rolling my eyes back thinking, yeah right... lay down and as soon as he put his hands over my body he stopped at my neck and said "oh my, your throat chakra is very much blocked". Within minutes it felt like my neck was burning, the skin even turned red. After 3 years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, somebody finally had an answer other than "you are stressed out, just relax". We talked about getting to the bottom of this issue. He asked me if I had ever been attacked or strangled. We discussed how muscle has memory and when the body is stressed the issues usually come up in the weakest points of the body. I was never strangled to my knowledge, I went home that night and phoned my mom and asked her if she knew of any incidences when I was young that I may have injured my throat. There was about 10 seconds of silence and then she told me that when I was born the cord was wrapped around my neck. It was so bad that they almost lost me, they had to do an emergency c-section. The surgeon even went out and spoke to my father and said the "if we have to save one of them" speech. I was pulled out of my mothers womb with a bright blue head from lack of oxygen. But... the pink color returned, I survived, and nobody ever looked back or talked about it, until 28 years later.

My next session was amazing, we did focused work on the throat, I felt the heat again and not long after the heat went away and the throbbing stopped and so did the pain. It even got to the point where I felt a cool wave pass through, it felt so good.  It really made me question, was the stress causing me to tense up my throat muscles, or was the pain from damaged throat muscles always in spasm causing stressful feelings in my life? All to say, that not long after that my discomfort started to ease and the daily pain became a thing of the past. Even today however, under extremely stressful circumstances my throat begins to throb a little bit.


More recently, I had an interesting brush with nerve pain during an electrical storm. This time it was focused on my leg that has damaged nerves in it from an injury I sustained 3 years ago. About every 15-20 seconds it felt like my whole body was being electrocuted. A Dr. would have maybe diagnosed neuropathy, or something else that meant "nerve pain" and sent me home with a prescription of gabapentin or another pharmaceutical drug to "help". What really got me thinking was how do you explain the connection of what happened to the timing of the electrical storm? I started to remember my throat issues and thought that maybe this is something that energy work can help with.

My Visit to PURE Natural Health and Wellness

It has been years since my first experience and I decided to give energy work another try. Finding people to help me was easy! No matter where you live,  you can find somebody who does energy work to help you if you look hard enough.


DSC_0152Sharlene from PURE Natural Health and Wellness is a beautiful soul. I remember the first time I met her, I just knew that we would stay connected. Sharlene wears many hats in her business, specializing in holistic nutrition, yoga and meditation guidance and of course, energy balancing. I met with Sharlene in her beautiful office upstairs from Yoga By Sarah in St. Catharines ON. We discussed my issue and she thought that I would benefit from a Sonocytology (a.h.a. forking) session. This is a non-invasive energy based therapy that excites photons at a cellular level. It uses sound frequency via tuning forks to help your body heal. More information can be found here.

It was my first experience with this kind of therapy. Basically you lie on the massage table, relax, breathy deeply and let her do the work. The treatment starts with a deeper tuning fork and then it moves to higher pitched sounds as the session progresses. It almost feels like an onion is being peeled, as the session went on, I could feel more connected with my body. There were a couple instances where the sound waves somehow triggered my electrical pain. The idea is to work through it and find a way to channel the energy properly while allowing the sound waves to penetrate your body and work on the cells. This was hard for me to understand at first, however if you just think about how the sounds of loud drums can affect your body. Similar to not being able to see electricity, sound is invisible too, some frequencies we can't even hear but they are still there.

DSC_0164After the session, I felt very thirsty. Sharlene got me a big glass of water and told me to do my best to rest and allow the healing inside my body to continue. I remember walking back into my office to a crisis with an order not arriving on time and thinking, oh well, I have no control over these things... For the rest of my day, it almost seemed like everything was just sliding off my back with no strong emotional attachment. That evening, I slept very deeply and felt like I could have slept the whole next day. I am lucky to work with my amazing husband who said to me that morning "Sweetie, you stay in bed and I will get things going at work today, call me when you are ready and I will come and get you." I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until noon! Some serious regenerative rest and healing going on. This would definitely be the right kind of treatment to get for anybody suffering from high stress, anxiety or insomnia.

Life got back to normal, no more intense painful episodes, and a few more tuning fork sessions booked in the next few months that I am looking forward to. Two weeks went by very fast and it wasn't long before I had another session booked with a different beautiful soul I have met recently. Stephanie from White Light Studio offered me a complimentary reiki session after our connection at the Dr. Clement event a few weeks ago. I decided that the world was trying to tell me something and that going to a complimentary hour long reiki session was one of them!

My Visit to White Light Studio


Stephanie works out of a beautiful addition of her home in downtown St. Catharines. There is a warm comforting feeling the minute you walk into her studio. The ceiling is made of wood! Loved that, and the windows look out to the back garden. Very beautiful space.

DSC_0136Drinking her fresh juice and ready for the session, Stephanie was radiating energy from the minute she welcomed me into her beautiful home. A tranquil space set up in a studio in her home, I was ready to relax on the massage table. I could feel her calming energy start to soften up my tense muscles right away. I kept thinking to myself, she is just going to stop at the throat and tell me it's blocked again. But that didn't happen... the throat was a bit closed off but this time my heart chakra seemed to be the most out of balance. Stephanie explained to me that I must be holding on to emotions tied to some bad personal relationships that left deep pain in my heart. I knew that I was struggling with letting go of a few negative experiences I have had recently, but I never thought that this would affect my health in any way.


This treatment really opened up my thoughts to the importance of being able to let go and move on from negative life experiences. Holding on to feelings of betrayal or hurt doesn't do us any good... This is definitely something that I need to work on in the next few months. I have to open up my heart to forgive and move on from these bad experiences I have had with other human beings. I found this quite enlightening. I left Stephanie's feeling lighter, almost like I was carrying less weight on my shoulders. During the process she kind of triggered some intense emotions inside of me that I didn't expect. We are living in a world where we are taught that crying is for babies and weakness, but I look at crying like it is allowing your body to release an important emotion. If you don't get it out then it will stay inside of you and fester into something more severe. I feel that I still need some help to get to where I need to be, but it is a start!

I am not sure what it is exactly about these kinds of therapies that help to guide us on our path to recovery. For me it is just proof that our body is energetically connected to our mind and the importance of keeping the energy flowing and allowing your body to rest and heal. For anybody diagnosed with cancer or any other disease, I would totally recommend that you incorporate some energy work into your treatment. To book an appointment contact Stephanie at: (905) 650-8380.

I will leave you with one last thought...

Below is a picture that my extremely talented step-brother Patrick Rochon developed. Patrick is a light painting MASTER! I am just so blown away at how this light painting of a man in Sukhasana pose shows the chakras. Look at the swirls of energy that show up at the chakra points! Just amazing.

His words describe what he does best:

"Getting to the essence of what I do,
I now understand that light painting is above all, movement.
To me, it is a mix of dancing and martial arts.

Light moves everywhere all the time.
Our bodies are emitting light
and expressing something subtle but important.
We must see it and understand it.
We must reveal its secrets and knowledge.
I believe it is a key connected to our consciousness."

Patrick Rochon












If this kind of art speaks to you, you can purchase Patrick's art  here. Limited quantities of all of his pieces are available. If you don't live in Montreal, he will ship.

I hope you have enjoyed my energy therapy experiences! Please feel free to share your experiences below if you want.

Many blessings to you all,


Lee xo




  • Marni

    November 16, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    I’m so amazed by the power of the mind over the body. In my current state of bad health, I’m discovering more and more that healing will happen when it starts in the mind. But our bodies are full of interconnecting energies, and it’s so interesting how emotions/memories are stored there. Ty for sharing, it makes me want to look more into hings like reiki or ancupuncture.

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