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I am not a recipe developer, I am not even a good example of somebody who follows recipes. I am the kind of girl who opens the fridge door, examines the contents and goes with that. Sometimes I make the most delicious dishes and other times it is a bit of a flop - just food to eat and get that nutrition in my belly. Since I started my business I have felt the need to teach people how to use certain raw ingredients. I get so many questions from people asking how to incorporate these great ingredients into their daily routines. This has been a bit of a struggle for me as I am such a fly by my pants kind of food prep person. When people ask me "how much lucuma should I put in my smoothies" I usually respond, just put as much as you want until it tastes good! That doesn't usually work for those who enjoy following recipes and rely on measurements and other guides to get them through.

Recently, I have decided to create a food category in my blog to showcase different recipes, ideas, photos of inspiration and guest blogs. A place for me to share some of my own creations, some creations of talented guest chefs, and anything else food related to get you guys excited about raw foods!

Today's inspiration comes from the monthly raw vegan potluck we host called Conscious Eating Niagara. Kent, myself (Lee) and our friend Fabienne have been hosting this potluck for almost 3 years how! It is always so fun to get together with others and share these wonderful life giving food dishes with each other. We always do our best to have an interesting presenter. Over the years we have developed and grown into a nice community of friends. I call them my raw food family. Having this monthly gathering has also been great for us to connect with others in a healthy environment. No booze, no fried foods, no sugar filled desserts... It is nice to be able to laugh and relax with people in a healthy way. We always leave the potlucks feeling happy and vibrant.  Here are some pictures to inspire you!


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