Anybody who knows our company, knows that Kent and I (Lee) love medicinal mushrooms. It stems from our own personal experiences eating and drinking them over the years, and seeing changes in our own bodies. We believe that it is our mission to share these amazing products with others and help people become free from processed foods and the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicinal mushrooms have been eaten for centuries, however not as much in the North American culture. They are known to fight cancer and enhance immune responses among many other things such as help protect and rebuild neurological cells (Lions Mane) and aid our cells to absorb oxygen (Cordyceps).

DSC_0003We particularly love the chaga mushroom. We have been getting our chaga from a gentleman ('gentle' 'man') who has been harvesting chaga mushroom for over 40 years! A true forest man, he goes out and lives in the woods for a few weeks at a time, sustainably harvesting this wonderful product. One of the biggest complaints we get about chaga is that it takes long to prepare. That is true! The benefits are worth it, but with our lives being so busy sometimes people don't have the time to let this tonic sit for a few hours before drinking it.

We were recently introduced a new company form the UK called Four Sigma Foods, and they make instant mushroom beverages. This caught our attention right away and though it would be a perfect fit for those who don't have time to brew chaga. The great thing about these teas, is that they have already been double extracted, this means that the medicinal properties in the mushrooms are active and ready to consume! Brilliant isn't it?

They contain contain no soy, dairy, preservatives, GMOs, artificial flavours or colours. And for those of you who don't like the taste of mushrooms, these teas DO NOT taste like mushrooms at all! All the powders are nicely blended with a hint stevia to offset any strong mushroom taste. Simply add granules to a cup, heat water, stir and enjoy.

The teas are also really nice with some almond milk giving them a bit of a thicker texture. Another option is to place the contents of the pack into your blender as part of your smoothie mix. There are six different kinds to offer; Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, ReishiMitake and Shiitake!

We always have one box of each open in our staff room for all to enjoy, I find myself drinking 2-3 bags a day! We just love them. What a fast easy way to get this medicine into your body on a daily basis.

Speaking of mushrooms, we have also created a larger bulk bag for our chaga chunks, and larger bags for the chaga powder for those of you who drink lots of it like we do and want to save a bit of money.

Here is a video from the awesome Jill Richards from Living With Positivitea who chats about these great products.

Many blessings to everybody and don't forget to… eat or drink your mushrooms everyday!!!

Lee & Kent




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